Stephens, Benjamin L., Jr.



Stephens, Benjamin L., Jr.


Stephens, Benjamin, Jr.
Stephens, B.L.
Stephens, Ben
Stephens, Benja




Benjamin Stephens appears in the 1810 Boone County (Ky.) census possessing two slaves. In the 1820 census he holds a total of 6 enslaved. In the 1830 census he holds 11 enslaved persons, and by 1840 he holds 19 enslaved persons.



11 Jan 1770



Waller, Dorothy Jemima

Life event(s)

Marriage: 28 May 1799; Orange County (Va.)



Stephens, William Robinson
Stephens, Lucy Nelson
Stephens, Elizabeth
Calvert, Louisiana Stephens
Stephens, Haydon Nelson
Ryle, Mary Ann Stephens
Stephens, Benjamin
Stephens, Nancy


16 Apr 1855
Cass County (Mo.)

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Known enslaved: Parsons, Milly; Stephens, Jane; White, Emily Francis; White, George; White, Lucy Ann; White, Oscar F.; White, Sisley; unknown, Almedia; unknown, Ann [17]; unknown, Billy; unknown, child [45]; unknown, Cynthia; unknown, Frances Ann; unknown, George [22]; unknown, Kitty [3]; unknown, Lucy [12]; unknown, male [67]; unknown, Malinda [10]; unknown, Moses Mark; unknown, Nancy [17]; unknown, Rose [12]; unknown, Sally [21]; unknown, Zachariah [1]; unknown, Zachariah [2]; unknown, Kitty [7]; unknown, Lucy [1]; unknown, Rose [11]; unknown, Solomon; unknown, Susan [9]


Enslaved held in 1820: Males, under 14, two; Males, 14 thru 25, one; Females, under 14, two; Females 14 thru 25, one
Enslaved held in 1830: Males, under 10, two; Males, 10 thru 23, two; Males, 24 thru 35, one; Females, under 10, two; Females, 10 thru 23, two; Femaes, 36 thru 54, two
Enslaved held in 1840: Males, under 10, two; Males, 10 thru 23, four; Males, 24 thru 35, one; Females, under 10, six; Females, 10 thru 23, two; Females, 24 thru 35, two; Females, 36 thru 54, one; Females, 55 thru 99, one
Enslaved held in 1850: Male, 55 years old, black; Female, 40 years old, black; Male, 30 years old, black; Female, 23 years old, black; Female, 21 years old, black; Female, 21 years old, black; Male, 18 years old, black; Female, 17 years old, black; Female, 16 years old, black; Female, 15 years old, black; Female, 7 years old, black; Female, 5 years old, black; Female, 2 years old, black; Male, 1 years old, black; Female, 1 years old, black; Male, 6 months, black; Female, 2 months, black
Enslaved held in 1860: Female, 4 years old, black; Female, 44 years old, black; Female, 1 years old, black; Male, 13 years old, black

Bibliographic citation(s), memorial #59109424


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1849--Emily Francis Attempts Escape Event
1849--Solomon Attempts Escape Event
1849--Jane Stephens and Family Escape Attempts Event
1849--Oscar F. White Attempts Escape Event
1849--Sisley Attempts Escape Event
1849--Lucy Ann Attempts Escape Event
1849--George White Attempts Escape Event
1830--Milly Excluded Due to an Accusation of Adultery Event
Title Alternate label Class
White, Oscar F. Person
White, Emily Francis Person
Stephens, Jane Person
unknown, Solomon Person
White, Sisley Person
White, Lucy Ann Person
unknown, Moses Mark Person
unknown, child [45] Person
unknown, Cynthia Person
unknown, George [22] Person
Parsons, Milly Person
unknown, Ann [17] Person
unknown, Rose [12] Person
unknown, Sally [21] Person
unknown, Nancy [17] Person
unknown, Almedia Person
Title Alternate label Class
Stephens, Jane Father Person