Kite, Elijah


Kite, Elijah
Keyte, Elijah
A man, woman and child escaped from Wilson Harper of Boone County (Elijah, Arelda and Spencer). The enslaved man was the son of a free man in Cincinnati named Keyte (Joseph Kite). Harper agreed to sell the family to Keyte, with his property in Cincinnati as collateral, a case was brought before the courts when the mortgage was due yet unpaid, in 1851. Harper was ultimately awarded the property and the enslaved people remained free.; In January 1856, Freedom seeker Margaret Garner and her family sought refuge in Kite's home in Cincinnati after escaping from Boone County, Kentucky. Soon after arriving, the freedom seekers were captured and one of Garner's children was killed by her in an act of resistance against their enslavement. Elijah Kite, who may have been a cousin of Margaret Garner, was accused of turning the family in to her slave holder Archibald Gaines and a posse. Alternately, Kite is named as a friend of the family who assisted the Garners during their attempt to escape enslavement.
Kite family
Birth date
circa 1825
Place of birth
Boone County (Ky.)
Keyte, Joseph
Life event(s)
Marriage: 20 Oct 1849; Hamilton County (Ohio)
Hamilton County (Ohio)
Kite, Spencer
Kite, Mary E.
Military service
Co. C, Second Regiment, Black Brigade of Cincinnati
Black Brigade of Cincinnati
United States of America
Slaveholder(s): Harper, Wilson
Harper, Wilson
Bibliographic citation(s)
"Family Escape," The Times-Picayune, New Orleans, LA, 7 Aug 1851
"Family Escape From Wilson Harper," The Tennessean, Nashville, TN, 16 Aug 1851

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