Twelfth Census of the United States, 1900


Twelfth Census of the United States, 1900
1900 United States Federal Census
United States of America, Bureau of the Census
National Archives and Records Administration
Washington, DC
T623, 1854 rolls
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From Ancestry.,com, "This database is an index to all individuals enumerated in the 1900 United States Federal Census, the Twelfth Census of the United States. In addition, the names of those listed on the population schedule are linked to actual images of the 1900 Federal Census, copied from the National Archives and Records Administration microfilm, T623, 1854 rolls [...] Enumerators of the 1900 census were instructed to record the names of every person in the household. Enumerators were asked to include the following categories in the census: name; address; relationship to the head of household; color or race; sex; month and year of birth; age at last birthday; marital status; number of years married; the total number of children born of the mother; the number of those children living; places of birth of each individual and the parents of each individual; if the individual was foreign born, the year of immigration and the number of years in the United States; the citizenship status of foreign-born individuals over age twenty-one; occupation; whether the person could read, write, and speak English; whether the home was owned or rented; whether the home was on a farm; and whether the home was mortgaged. The categories allowed Congress to determine persons residing in the United States for collection of taxes and the appropriation of seats in the House of Representatives."
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Acra, Felicia Person
Acra, Joel B. Person
Acra, Larkin L. Person
Acra, Reuben Person
Acra, Sarah Agnes Person
Acra, Tabitha A. Person
Adams, Bluford Watson Person
Alexander, James M. Person
Allen, Emma Person
Allen, Esther Person
Allen, Fannie Bell Person
Allen, Flora Person
Allen, George Mosby Person
Allen, Henry [2] Person
Allen, Mary [3] Person
Allen, Omer Person
Allen, William [3] Person
Anderson, Amanda Person
Anderson, Claude Person
Anderson, Eliza Person
Anderson, Eliza J. Person
Anderson, Elizabeth Person