1865--Escape of Nancy Mcgruder


1865--Escape of Nancy Mcgruder
Sep 1865
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Nancy Mcgruder was the only slave on the Dinsmore property that is known to have run away. She left the Dinsmore family in September of 1865, after most slaves in the United States had been freed but before those in Kentucky were. She was “excluded” from her church for leaving the state “in a disorderly manner.”
African American(s): Nancy Mcgruder
Mcgruder, Nancy
Slave holder(s): Dinsmore
Dinsmoor, James
Other participant(s): Brady, S.P.
Brady, Sebern Perry
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Mcgruder family
Dinsmore family
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"Nancy Mcgruder," Dinsmore Family Farm, Dinsmore Homestead Foundation.

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