1854--Nine Freedom Seekers Caught in Boone County


1854--Nine Freedom Seekers Caught in Boone County
June 1854
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Several enslaved men and women escaped from Burlington, Ky. The freedom seekers included Shadrach, 60, enslaved by Jonas Crisler; his wife Susan, 29, and their two boys, Almeda, 26, and her daughter Sarah Jane; Lewis, 24, enslaved by William Walton; Lee, 21, enslaved by John Gaines; and Anderson, 22, enslaved by John P. Scott.
The group took a skiff and traveled across the Ohio River to free soil. While heading north, they met a black man named John Gyser, who said he would help them. He ended up betraying them for the $1000 reward. Every freedom seeker was arrested.
African American(s): Almeda; Anderson; Jasper; John; Lee; Lewis; Shadrach; Susan; Wesley; Gyser, John
unknown, Almeda [6]
unknown, Anderson [7]
unknown, John [40]
unknown, Lee [3]
unknown, Lewis [20]
unknown, Sarah Jane
unknown, Shadrach [1]
unknown, Susan [13]
unknown, Wesley [7]
Slaveholder(s): Blankenbeker, Elizabeth Ann; Blankenbeker, Jasper; Crisler, Jonas; Scott, John P.; Walton, William
Smith, Elizabeth [1]
Blankenbeker, Jasper
Crisler, Jonas
Scott, John P.
Walton, William
Other participants: Gaines, John; Gyser, John; Commissioner Pendry, Mr. Hume

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Blankenbeker, Jasper Person
Crisler, Jonas Person
Scott, John P. Person
Smith, Elizabeth [1] Person
unknown, Almeda [6] Person
unknown, Anderson [7] Person
unknown, John [40] Person
unknown, Lee [3] Person
unknown, Lewis [20] Person
unknown, Sarah Jane Person
unknown, Shadrach [1] Person
unknown, Susan [13] Person
unknown, Wesley [7] Person
Walton, William Person