1856--The Margaret Garner Story


1856--The Margaret Garner Story
Jan 1856
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Margaret Garner, Robert Garner, 4 children, and his parents, Simon and Mary and 11 Other slaves were reported to have escaped. Margaret Garner was a Freedom Seeker whose recapture became a national news story. In January 1856, 17 slaves from Boone and Kenton counties crossed the Ohio River. Included were Robert and Margaret Garner and their children, who were owned by the Gaines family of Richwood Road (now Maplewood Farm).
African American(s): Margaret Garner; Mary [1] Garner; Mary [2] Garner; Priscilla Garner; Robert Garner; Samuel Garner; Simon Garner Sr.; Thomas Garner
Garner, Margaret
Garner, Mary [1]
Garner, Mary [2]
Garner, Priscilla
Garner, Robert
Garner, Samuel
Garner, Simon, Sr.
Garner, Thomas
Slave holder(s): Archibald K. Gaines
Gaines, Archibald K.
Other participants(s): Marshall, James W.
Marshall, James W.
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Bibliographic citation
Anti-Slavery Bugle
27 Dec 1856, Sat · Page 2
Cleveland Daily Leader, 02 Dec 1863, Wed · Page 1
The Garner Fugitive Slave Case, Julius Yanuck, reprinted From The Mississippi Valley Historical Society Review, Volume XL, Number 1, June, 1953.

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Gaines, Archibald K. Person
Garner, Margaret Person
Garner, Mary [1] Person
Garner, Mary [2] Person
Garner, Priscilla Person
Garner, Robert Person
Garner, Samuel Person
Garner, Simon, Sr. Person
Garner, Thomas Person
Marshall, James W. Person