1849--Jane Stephens and Family Escape Attempt


1849--Jane Stephens and Family Escape Attempt
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Jane Stephens, a.k.a. Jennie Carter, was the wife of John “Felix” White and the mother of Sisley, Oscar, Emily Francis, Lucy Ann and George White. The family was caught during an escape attempt that occurred in late 1848 or early 1849 . Jane's husband, John, had escaped several years prior and wanted to free his family. He had help from abolitionist and UGRR conductor Laura Smith Haviland, his friend William Allen, who was still enslaved in Boone County, and free African Americans in Rising Sun, Indiana who were managing the Underground Railroad activity in the area. John was separated from the family during their capture, but was caught several days later. He was held in jail for a while before again obtaining his freedom, and did not know the fate of his family. Jane and her children were sold to a man named Webb Ross in Georgetown, Ky, who sold them all to separate enslavers. Jane was sold to Mr. Keene, a slaveholder who took her to Missouri. Once free, she settled in Emporia, Kansas. In 1867, and again in 1885, Jane and her second husband , Rev. Dudley Carter, placed advertisements in the newspaper, searching for her children. Jane was reputedly the daughter of her first enslaver (Stephens) and Milly, an enslaved woman. She died in 1896 in Emporia, Kansas.
African American(s): Jane Stephens (a.k.a. Jennie Carter); John "Felix" White; Moses Stephens; Sisley White; Oscar White; Emily Francis White; Lucy Ann White; George White; William Allen; Milly
Stephens, Jane
White, John "Felix"
unknown, Moses [1]
White, Sisley
White, Oscar F.
White, Emily Francis
White, Lucy Ann
White, George W.
Allen, William [2]
Parsons, Milly
Enslaver(s): Benjamin Stephens Jr.; Mr. Keene; Webb Ross
Stephens, Benjamin L., Jr.
Ross, Webb
Other participant(s): Laura Smith Haviland
Bibliographic citation
"1867 - Information Wanted," The Christian Recorder, Philadelphia, PA, 27 Apr 1867
"1885 - Information Wanted" The Christian Recorder, Philadelphia, PA, 2 Apr 1885
"The Escape of the Wife of John "Felix" White," Emporia Republican, Emporia, KS, 15 Oct 1896

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Parsons, Milly Person
Ray, Wright Person
Ross, Webb Person
Stephens, Benjamin L., Jr. Person
Stephens, Jane Person
unknown, Moses [1] Person
White, Emily Francis Person
White, George W. Person
White, John "Felix" Person
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