Confederate States of America


Confederate States of America
Alternate name
The Confederacy was made up of eleven US states that attempted to secede from the United States in the 1860s. The Confederacy was defeated in the US Civil War, reunifying the nation.
8 Feb 1861
9 May 1865
Participant in
Civil War, 1861-1865
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1st Battalion, Kentucky Mounted Rifles Organization
1st Regiment, Kentucky Infantry Organization
3rd Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry Organization
4th Regiment, Kentucky Calvary Organization
5th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry Organization
5th Regiment, Kentucky Mounted Infantry Organization
8th Regiment, Kentucky Calvary Organization
9th Regiment, Kentucky Calvary Organization
Acra, Larkin L. Person
Adams, Bluford Watson Person
Adams, John Preston Hampton Person
Allphin, J.D. Person
Anderson, Benjamin Person
Anderson, John [1] Person
Anderson, Rufus C. Person
Arnold, Alfred S. Person
Arnold, George Walker Person
Arnold, William, J. Person
Atha, Clifton S. Person
Aylor, James Franklin Person
Bagby, Daniel M. Person
Baker, Augustus Person
Ballard, George H. Person
Ballard, William N. Person
Balsley, George L., Jr. Person