Phoenix Hotel Building (Walton, Ky.)



Phoenix Hotel Building (Walton, Ky.)


Historic Status: Demolished
Though it changed hands--and names--many times through the years, the building was a hotel for over a century. Originally built as the Boone House around 1850, it was the Farmer's Hotel for a while, before being purchased by Ira Percival. Known as the Percival Hotel at that time, it was damaged in a fire in 1871. The property was purchased by George Stamler in 1880 and was renamed the George Stamler Hotel. Eventually, it changed it's name again, this time to the Phoenix Hotel.
The building survived a second, devastating fire intentionally set in 1950. It was demolished in 1971. Grandeur Hall now occupies the site.

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Construction Date: circa 1850

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26 North Main Street

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