Piatt's Landing (Ky.)



Piatt's Landing (Ky.)


Piatt's Landing is the Ohio River landing in the East Bend Region, which has long been associated with members of the Piatt family.
A man by the name of D'Hart or De Hart was rumored to have a trapping station at the location pre-1800. Both William D'Hart (1746-1828) and Cyrus D'Hart (brothers) served with the Piatt brothers in the New Jersey Continental Army. The D'Hart brothers are from Dutch descent and are the sons of Matthias D'Hart and Catherine Kingsland. Both brothers were eligible for the Society of the Cincinnati, a group of American officers known to receive land in Boone County for their war services. Other D'Hart brothers include: Maurity (1748-1776) and Jacob Mauritz (1762-1780).

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