Baker Farm (Verona, Ky.)


Baker Farm (Verona, Ky.)
Floor Plan: Center Passage Single
The Baker family has owned this large, diversified farm since 1918. Set high above U.S. 42 and largely hidden from view in the summer months, the Baker House is a fine example of a late-19th-century I-house.
Extending across the front is an ornate Eastlake spindlework porch. The rear ell is sheltered by double galleries; the upper porch retains its original flat-sawn ornamentation. Several significant outbuildings remain on the farm, including three timber-frame barns.
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Construction Date: 1875-1899
Kentucky Historic Resources Inventory designation: BE 731
Full address
14671 U.S. Highway 42
Political division
Verona (Ky.)
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Baker family
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696334.496 m
4301531.288 m
Bibliographic citation
Historic Structures of Boone County, page 80

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