Huston, Archibald


Huston, Archibald
Archibald Huston was born around 1775 to John Huston in Virginia. He married Elizabeth Bedford Mosby of Bourbon County, Kentucky in 1896. Archibald and Elizabeth had several children including: David, James, Joseph, Louisa, William, John M., Mosby and Agnes. Soon after their marriage, the family moved to the Petersburg area of Boone County with Elizabeth's father, Daniel Mosby.
On June 17, 1799, Huston took the oath of office as a Justice of the Peace, becoming a member of the first County Court in Boone County. He was sworn in as Sheriff 9 May 1803, when John Brown refused to qualify. In July 1803 he took James Allin as his deputy sheriff. Huston was associated with the Sheriff’s office for the next decade. He was Sheriff three times, 1803, 1806, and 1808. He also served as deputy under several other sheriffs, for example in 1810. He was again made Justice of the Peace 6 Sep 1813 until he resigned when appointed Asst. Judge of Circuit Court (5 Sep 1814).
Served as Assistant Circuit Judge in Boone County (1814-1815). Served as Sheriff (1803-1805; 1806-1807; and 1808-1809).
On March 6, 1820 he and William H. Gaines were issued a tavern license for Petersburg, Kentucky.
Archibald Huston died in 1826, and his will was probated on September 25 of that year. In 1837, Eizabeth and the children sold their Petersburg property on Tanner Street and moved west to Missouri. He had a daughter Agnes F. who married Daniel C. McIntire and they lived in Henry County, Missouri.
Huston family
Birth date
circa 1775
Place of birth
Huston, John
Life event(s)
Marriage: 1896; Kentucky
Mosby, Elizabeth Bedford
Huston, David
Huston, James
Huston, Louisa
Huston, William
Huston, John M.
Huston, Mosby
McIntire , Agnes F. Huston
Death date
Place of death
Boone County (Ky.)
Boone County (Ky.). Justice of the Peace
Assistant Circuit Judge
Tavern keeper
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Petersburg (Ky.)
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'Documents of Archibald Huston' [PDF]