Corbin, Elizabeth Thatcher


Corbin, Elizabeth Thatcher
Major, Elizabeth Thatcher Corbin
Elizabeth Thatcher Corbin Major was an heir of William Cobin (d. 1797) of Culpeper (Va.). His will was transcibed into Boone Will Book A as his son and heir, Benjamin Lewis Corbin (1765-ca.1852) lived in Boone and inherited 3 enslaved persons. The rest of the family appear to have remained in Virginia. This was William's grand daughter, the daughter of William John Corbin (1747-1785). Together with her husband, they appear in the 1810, 1820, 1830 and 140 Culpeper County (Va.) censuses enslaving 18, 47, 60 and 11 persons, respectively.
Corbin family
Major family
Birth date
21 Dec 1779
Place of birth
Culpeper County (Va.)
Thatcher, Frances
Life event(s)
Marriage: 13 Aug 1795; Culpeper County (Va.)
Culpeper County (Va.)
Major, William
Major, Winfield S.
Major, Langdon C.
Nalle, Columbiana Major
Death date
16 Mar 1869
Place of death
Culpeper County (Va.)
Death and burial information
The Major Quarter Cemetery (Culpeper County, Va.)
Known enslaved unknown, Delphia
unknown, Delphia
Enslaved held in 1830: Males, under 10, 14; Males, 10 thru 23, eight; Males, 24 thru 35, five; Males, 36 thru 54, three; Females, under 10, thirteen; Females, 10 thru 23, three; Females, 24 thru 35, ten; Females, 36 thru 54, two
Enslaved in 1840: Males, 10 thru 23, six; Males, 24 thru 35, one; Males, 36 thru 54, one; Females, under 10, one; Females, 10 thru 23, one; Females, 36 thru 54, one
Bibliographic citation(s), memorial #94312605
Boone County Will Book A, page 339

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