Watts, Nathan


Watts, Nathan
Watts, Nat
Nathan Watts married Elizabeth Goodridge in Albermarle County (Va.) in 1789. According to the 1800 census, they still resided in Albermarle County and held two slaves "above 16 years old." By 1810, Nathan Watts appears in the Boone County (Ky.) census and it shows that he held 14 slaves. A deed was presented postumhously in 1822, and so he is presumed to have passed before this event.
Watts family
Place of birth
Life event(s)
Marriage: 13 Dec 1798; Albemarle County (Va.)
Albemarle County (Va.)
Watts, Anderson B.
Watts, Mary
Watts, Nancy Watts
Crawford, Lucy Watts
Winston, Lucetta/Lucretia McCoy Watts
Watts, Virginia [2]
Death date
before 1822
Place of death
Boone County (Ky.)
Known enslaved: unknown, Ann [5]; unknown, David [5]; unknown, Dinah [2]; unknown, Frankey [1]; unknown, Julia [1]; unknown, Milton [3]; unknown, Robert [9]; unknown, William [26]; unknown, Winny [6]; unknown, Winston [4]; unknown, Maria [23]; unknown, Thomas [11] ; unknown, Willis [8]; unknown, Mishik; unknown, Daniel [2]; unknown, Diner [2]
unknown, Ann [5]
unknown, Daniel [2]
unknown, David [5]
unknown, Dinah [2]
unknown, Diner [2]
unknown, Frankey [1]
unknown, Julia [1]
unknown, Maria [23]
unknown, Milton [3]
unknown, Mishik
unknown, Robert [9]
unknown, Thomas [11]
unknown, William [26]
unknown, Willis [8]
unknown, Winny [6]
unknown, Winston [4]
Enslaved held in 1800: Two
Enslaved held in 1810: Fourteen
Bibliographic citation(s)
Boone County Will Book B, pages 47, 340

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