Garnett, Joel B.



Garnett, Joel B.




Joel Garnett and his wife, Catherine, were among the largest landowners in the Hebron area by the mid-19th century. The land that the Joel Garnett House stands on was originally purchsed by the couple in 1837.
During the mid-1850s the Garnetts relocated to Missouri. Many local farms, including William Rouse's, were developed on land carved from their acreage.
In 1830, Joel Garnett is known to have eight enslaved. In 1840, Joel Garnett is known to have eleven enslaved. The 1850 census shows Joel Garnett was born in Virginia about 1788 and is living in District Two with his wife, Catharine and three children.
Joel Garnett died 9 Apr 1858 and is buried in Rehoboth Cemetery, in Slater, Saline County, Missouri


Birth date

21 Jun 1788



Life event(s)

Marriage: 3 Oct 1823; Madison County (Va.)


Graves, Catharine Burruss


Latimer, Emily F. Garnett
Graves, Martha Ann Garnett
Garnett, Virginia Sarah
Graves, Mary Catherine Garnett

Death date

9 Apr 1858

Place of death

Death and burial information

Rehoboth Cemetery (Saline County, Mo.)

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Neighbors in the 1850 Census: Weaver, E. J.; Watts, Washington


Known enslaved: unknown, Ann [26]; unknown, male [44]; unknown, Malissa; unknown, Belfred; unknown, Jane [19]; unknown, Queen; unknown, Sandy [1]; unknown, Frances [5]; unknown, Lewis [15]; unknown, Lum; unknown, child [64]; unknown, child [65]; unknown, Clarissa [9]; unknown, Mary [19]; unknown, Martha [4]; unknown, Ryle [1]; unknown, Aaron [6]; unknown, Jim [1]


Enslaved held in 1850: Female, 26 years old, black; Female, 23, black; Male, 21 years old, black; Female, 19 years old, black; Male, 16 years old, black; Male, 15 years old, black; Male, 14 years old, black; Male, 10 years old, black; Female, 9 years old, black; Male, 2 years old, black; Female, 6 months old, black

Bibliographic citation(s)

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Ancestor File Number A047293, memorial #36283937


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unknown, Ann [26] Person
unknown, male [44] Person
unknown, Malissa Person
unknown, Belfred Person
unknown, Jane [19] Person
unknown, Queen Person
unknown, Sandy [1] Person
unknown, Frances [5] Person
unknown, Lewis [15] Person
unknown, Lum Person
unknown, child [64] Person
unknown, child [65] Person
unknown, Clarissa [9] Person
unknown, Jim [1] Person
unknown, Aaron [6] Person
unknown, Martha [4] Person
unknown, Mary [19] Person
unknown, Ryle [1] Person
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Garnett, Caroline Amanda Father Person
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Garnett, Edmund Child(ren) Person
Graves, Sarah [1] Child(ren) Person