Madison County (Va.)


Madison County (Va.)
Located in north-central Virginia, much of the western part of the county is within Shenandoah National Park. The county was formed from Culpeper County, and named for the Madison family, prominent landowners, and the ancestors of President James Madison. The county seat is also named Madison.
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Dec 1792
USGS GNIS ID: 1494590
U.S. Census code: 99113
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Aylor, Benjamin Person
Barlow, Aaron Person
Barlow, Daniel Person
Beemon, Catharine Person
Beemon, Susannah Person
Blankenbaker, Ephraim Person
Carpenter, William C. Person
Clore, Aaron Person
Clore, Ephraim Person
Clore, Gideon Person
Clore, Hannah Person
Clore, Michael [1] Person
Clutterbuck, William Person
Crigler, Jacob Person
Crigler, Lewis Person
Crisler, Gabriel Person
Crisler, Jonas Person
Early, Whitfield Person
Gaar, Rosanna Person
Gaines, William M. Person
Garnett, Benjamin Franklin Person
Garnett, Joel B. Person
Garnett, John [1] Person
House, Susanna Person
Marquis, Matthew Person