Culpeper County (Va.)


Culpeper County (Va.)
The county is located in northern Virginia, and the county seat is Culpeper. It was named for Lord Thomas Colepeper, a colonial Governor of Virginia.
Has beginning
23 Mar 1748
USGS GNIS ID: 1497831
U.S. Census code: 99047
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Clore, Michael [1] Person
Corbin, Ann Person
Corbin, Benjamin Person
Corbin, Catherine Person
Corbin, Elizabeth Thatcher Person
Corbin, James [1] Person
Corbin, Margaret [1] Person
Corbin, William Person
Corbin, William Sr. Person
Cornelius, Absalom [1] Person
Cornelius, George Person
Cornelius, John Person
Cornelius, Rebecca Person
Crisler, Louis Person
Deer, Joel G. Person
Early, Whitfield Person
Finnell, Robert Person
Gaines, Churchill Person
Gaines, George Person
Gaines, Henry, Rev. Person
Gaines, Lucy Person
Gaines, Richard Person
Graves, Abraham [1] Person
Graves, Absalom [1] Person
Graves, Edward Person