Culpeper County (Va.)


Culpeper County (Va.)
The county is located in northern Virginia, and the county seat is Culpeper. It was named for Lord Thomas Colepeper, a colonial Governor of Virginia.
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23 Mar 1748
USGS GNIS ID: 1497831
U.S. Census code: 99047
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Items with "Life event(s): Culpeper County (Va.)"
Title Class
Polly, James D. Person
Rice, Ann Person
Rice, Benjamin [2] Person
Rice, Elijah Person
Swindle, Elizabeth Person
Terrill, John, Sr. Person
Terrill, Mary Foster Person
Tinsley, Elizabeth Person
Utz, John [1] Person
Vaughan, Abraham Person
Weaver, Mary Person
Willis, Ann Garnett Person
Yager, Benjamin Person
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Barns, Shadrach Person
Kirtley, Jeremiah Person
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Hume, George Person
Hume, Patrick Person
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Aylor, Benjamin Person
Barns, Shadrach Person
Beemon, Susannah Person
Cave, Abner, Sr. Person
Cave, Hannah Page Person
Cave, Nancy [2] Person
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