Originally settled in 1699, Missouri entered the Union 10 Aug 1821.
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10 Aug 1821
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United States
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Items with "Biography: Missouri"
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Bransford, Henry Person
Harrison, Samuel Person
Isles, George Person
Smith, George [2] Person
Washington, Richard Person
Items with "Birth information: Missouri"
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Garner, Henry Person
Jones, Carrie Person
Jones, Clara E. Person
Jones, Gertrude Z. Person
Jones, Letha Person
Jones, Minnie H. Person
Jones, Nina L. Person
Jones, Semore F. Person
Jones, Taft C. Person
Jones, Willie N. Person
Lewis, Gussie Person
Items with "Death and burial information: Missouri"
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Terrill, Edmund Cornelius Person
Terrill, Robert [2] Person
Items with "Parent division/institution: Missouri"
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Audrain County (Mo.) Location
Buchanan County (Mo.) Location
Callaway County (Mo.) Location
Carroll County (Mo.) Location
Cass County (Mo.) Location
Chariton County (Mo.) Location
Clay County (Mo.) Location