Kentucky Birth Records, 1852-1910


Kentucky Birth Records, 1852-1910
Kentucky Birth, Marriage and Death Records - Microfilm Listing (1852-1910)
Kentucky Birth, Marriage and Death Microfilm Listing (1852-1910)
Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives
121 microfilm reels
Temporal coverage
Birth records begin in Kentucky as early as 1852 when statewide registration was first enacted. The requirement continued only for ten years. Some births were recorded (1874-79, 1892-1910), but observance remained sporadic. Birth registration was enacted statewide again on 1 January 1911 and was generally adhered to by 1920.
This database contains county birth records from Kentucky for the years 1852-1910.
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Spatial Coverage
Frankfort, KY

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1865--Rose Excluded from Bullittsburg Baptist Church Event
Items with "Source(s): Kentucky Birth Records, 1852-1910"
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Allen, John F. Person
Anderson, Holbert Person
Anderson, John [1] Person
Anderson, Joseph Person
Aylor, Ephraim Tanner Person
Aylor, Henry [2] Person
Aylor, Jane Person
Aylor, Lystra Person
Aylor, Margaret Person
Aylor, Stanton Person
Baker, Amos Person
Baker, Leon Person
Baker, Steward Person
Bass, Jackson Person
Berkshire, Hannah Person
Berkshire, Henry Cave Person
Berkshire, Lucy Ann Person
Bishop, Frances Person
Bishop, George Person
Bishop, William [2] Person
Blankenbaker, Ephraim Person
Bondurant, Thomas Person
Brasher, George Washington [2] Person
Bristow, James [1] Person